Solar 101
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Solar 101

Real Answers About Solar Power

Learn How Easy It Is To Go Solar

It’s really as easy as 1-2-3. You generate free electricity from the sun that powers your home and any solar power you don’t use gets pushed back into the utility grid for a full value credit.

Learn About Financing

We offer turn-key solutions for you to go solar. This includes financing. Lowcountry Solar Solutions handles all aspects if you need to finance your system and have several preferred lending institutions who specialize in solar financing.

Understanding Solar Financing and Tax Incentives
South Carolina

Learn What Makes Us Better

We are more than just a solar panel company. We look forward to being your partner towards a cleaner environment. Lowcountry Solar Solutions is dedicated to making your experience with solar amazing. See how our program is different.

Learn About Our Installation Team

You only go solar once, so your choice of solar installer is an important decision. After all, your installer will be working with you to design your system, install your system, and provide support after your system installation. In a competitive market, there’s no shortage of options. So what makes Lowcountry Solar Solutions stand out? We like to say we do solar “the right way.” We empower our customers to harness sunshine to power their homes while providing a premier customer experience.

Best Deals On South Carolina Solar Power
Solar Power In Charleston South carolina

View Our F.A.Q’s Page

We take all the fuss and stress out of going solar. You can check out our frequently asked questions or just call us…we still us a phone! Let us walk you through the design, financing, savings, and tax advantages of solar energy.

Contact the experts at Lowcountry Solar Solutions today to schedule your
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