Solar Financing
Learn the real truth about solar financing. You could go solar today with no money out of your pocket...ever!
Solar Facts, Solar Financing, Solar Energy
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Solar Financing

The sooner you go solar, the more you could save.

Save Money Withe Solar

It's Never Been Easier To Invest In Solar

Enjoy Solar With Out Any Upfront Costs To You!

Tailored Financing Options!

As power rates continue to increase by as much as 10% per year, investing in solar and locking in the cost of your power bill makes more and more sense. That’s why we offer no upfront costs  — because we understand that going solar is a big investment, but also that it should be available to everyone.

We offer unique solar system financing options that make solar energy affordable for every homeowner in South Carolina, one of which includes the option of receiving your federal and state solar tax incentives and credits before ever making a payment on your system.

This financing program enables you to have a lower monthly expense than the power bill you have replaced with your new solar power system, making Lowcountry Solar Solutions the premier solar energy provider for the Carolina Coast.

South Carolina Solar tax credits
South Carolina Solar Tax rebates

Get The Financial Facts!

Lowcountry Solar Solutions can tailor your solar energy system to you personal needs, this includes financing options and all rebates. Don’t be take advantage of by unscrupulous companies, get the real facts about solar.

Let Us Guide You:

-Federal Tax Credits Of 30%

-State Tax Credits Of 25%

-Manufacture Incentives Up To $5,000

-Grant Money From Non-Profits

How Solar Saves Money

With Lowcountry Solar Solutions you reap all the benefits…

You can invest in your own solar energy system and own in in less than 7 years for no $0 money out of pocket!

get the

get the

own your

See If You Qualify For A Manufactures Grant Up To $5,000

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Solar Simplified

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